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Favorite Tools

Included on this page are (click on link to skip to that section):

  1. Discount Codes
  2. My favorite Amazon products
  3. My favorite Borderlands Bakery products
  4. My favorite The Sugar Art products

Discount Codes

I am a member of a few different affiliate programs, most of which give me a discount code that I can extend to y’all! I do receive a small commission when you use my discount code or the links I provide, which I greatly appreciate because it all adds up and allows me to do what I love! So if you’re hankering to buy a product from one of the following sites, please do use my code and/or link (either the general website link I provide below or any of the links provided below). Thank you!


Link to my Amazon Shop (ALL my favorite products on Amazon)

BORDERLANDS BAKERY (specialty cookie product shop) 

My affiliate link

Use this code for 10% off: THEGRACEFULBAKER10

BRIGHTON CUTTERS (cookie cutters)

Use this link for 10% of your first order!

CHUA COOKIE (pink perforated baking mats)

Click here for the baking mats that I use (I use the HALF SHEET version 1 to fit the Nordic Ware pans)

Use code Chua15Grace23 for 15% off your order!!!

FLODESK (email marketing–it’s what I use!)

Use this link for 50% off!

THE SUGAR ART (metallic dusts, powdered colors, glitter & more!)

My affiliate link

Use this code for 15% off: THEGRACEFULBAKER15

SWEET DESIGNS SHOPPE (cookie cutters)

My affiliate link

No discount code! But I do have affiliate links — if you access their website from my affiliate link I get a small kickback commission (thank you!).

My Favorite AMAZON Products



Meringue powder

Basic sets of food coloring

  • Link for basic set of Wilton colors
  • I’d recommend these over Wilton if budget allows and you instead to decorate more–better quality colors, bottles and larger amounts of color:
    • Chefmaster – small bottles OR large bottles
      • **I’m newly obsessed with Chefmaster and highly recommend getting the large bottle set (you can mix just about any color you need from them!) or the small bottles if you prefer more premade colors
      • *You CAN use Chefmaster Bakers Rose (pink) with my lemon royal icing!!
    • Link for basic set of Americolor
      • Please note: you cannot use Americolor pinks with my lemon royal icing
    • Artisan Accents (I’ve never used these but it’s reputable brand loved by others I know!)

Water source for thinning icing

  • Basic: trickle from the tap 😉
  • Splurge: (make sure to ONLY ever use water in these!)


  1. The dehydrator that I use:
  2. The projector that I use: I own both of these projectors. I first owned the Pico and purchased the Bluetooth as an upgrade. If budget is a concern, the Pico gets the job done (just make sure that you’re plugging it in correctly!). Otherwise, I recommend the Bluetooth – it has a better/brighter image and connects via Bluetooth.
    1. 1) (affiliate link) – Pico
    2. 2) (affiliate link) – Bluetooth
      1. I believe one or both of these projectors are sold out on Amazon. I’ve never personally used the following projectors, but I know people that use them and like them!
        1. (affiliate link)
        2. (affiliate link)
  3. Sprinkle tweezers:
  4. Spray bottle:
  5. PME scribe (my favorite small tip scribe):
  6. PME black pearls (the ONLY black pearls that don’t bleed):
  7. Wilton meringue powder:
  8. Favorite tiny scissors for cutting bags:
  9. Favorite black brush tip edible markers for writing on dried icing:
  10. Favorite edible markers for sketching designs directly on cookies:
  11. Larger KitchenAid stand mixer (this is 6 quarts and my favorite because it fits a double batch of dough easily – standard is 5 quarts):
    1. Standard 5 quart KitchenAid stand mixer:

HEAT SEALER – Amazon option

This sounds much fancier than it is. Buying flat bags made to use with a heat sealer will make your life SO much easier. I’m cheap so I bought the one that does not automatically cut the bag.


Website link: 

Use code THEGRACEFULBAKER10 for 10% off your order! (and a small commission to me… thank you!) 




My Favorite THE SUGAR ART Products

Website link: 

Use code THEGRACEFULBAKER15 for 15% off your order! (and a small commission to me… thank you!) 

Color Solution

Paint Brush Set 

Sterling Pearls (metallic dusts like gold)

DiamonDust (edible glitter!!)

Elite color (powdered food coloring for painting and dry dusting)

Master Elites (highly pigmented powders for coloring icing…a MUST for red and black!!)

***Please note: my LEMON royal icing recipe does NOT work with all of the Master Elite colors due to the acidity of the lemon juice — a VANILLA (non-lemon) recipe is best used for the Master Elite pinks, otherwise I use all of their other colors with my lemon recipe (I use Wilton pink with my lemon recipe)